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Apr 28

Another Spring!

We made it through another Michigan winter! Trees are going from bare to budding to new leaves. Snowblowers are hibernating while lawnmowers come back to life. You can hear the sound of someone mowing their lawn: Another Spring – and we’re still here. Thank you, Papa. Vicki  

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Oct 12

Days Like This

Early Autumn Leaves

This early October day was blooming more beautifully than the weather people said it would. From my bedroom window at 8 o’clock this morning, there were some clouds but a blue sky and the sun fell across my bed, waking Beanni and me at the same time.  It’s so good to see the world from our perch every …

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Feb 14

Cherish – and Make – Valentine’s Memories

How I loved Valentines Day. Always symbolized by my Mom as meatloaf, the moldable meat. On this day it was a heart. Mom had scalloped potatoes and wiggly jello as a side. But I amped it up with Bunny Milk as the house beverage, and pink mashed potatoes as I grew into being the mother, …

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Aug 03

Good Days

Thank you, Papa, for a wonderful weekend. Good days don’t come often enough anymore, and two in a row is a very special gift. Vicki

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Mar 12

Signs of Spring

I don’t want to jump the gun, but I think Spring is coming. It’s time for Winter to move on. The sun is shining more, snow’s melting, and the hibernating lawns will start growing and turning green again.  Winter is a hard season with it’s grey skies day after day. Friends and family bring bits …

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